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Welcome to the new era of beautiful home lighting. Crescent Harbor Featuring some of the world’s finest manufacturers of table lamps, floor lamps, and lighting fixtures, the lighting that are now very famous among table lamps and which you will be getting in a very reasonable cost here in Crescent some of them are like, Hubbardton Forge, Cherry Tree Design, HA Framburg, Wilmette Lighting, Holtkoetter, Arroyo Craftsman, Hudson Valley Lighting, Seagull Lighting, House of Troy, Murray Feiss and Troy Lighting, there are a multitude of lights at Crescent Harbor Lighting that will brilliantly illuminate your home. Whether you're looking for an accent light for your living room, lighting a new addition or an entire home we can offer you the fixtures you need. Crescent Harbor provides you with the most stunning light fixtures that will mostly looks like handmade and you will definitely feel attracted towards it as you will certainly find it’s a tedious task to select from.


Light Fixtures Encompassing the Classic Edward Alden Series and the Contemporary Fairlane Series, Lighting Enterprises offers a great variety of high quality table and floor lamps that will accent your home or office decor in virtually any setting. These are ranging from simple, traditional table lamps, to breezy, cottage-inspired porcelain lamps, all the way to ornate Asian Lamps and leaded crystal lamps; there is a lamp by Lighting Enterprises that is just the answer you are looking for to complete your home decor at a price that you can afford. It is true that you can’t find these Light Fixtures at this price in other online store.


Ceiling Fans Once considered an afterthought to lighting design and overall home decor, Ceiling Fans and paddle fans have come to the forefront of home design. While some desire fans that blend into the background, which can be an appropriate choice, others seek a paddle fan that makes a statement and is a focal point of the overall room design. Whatever your tastes, if it be form or functionality, Crescent Harbor Lighting has a broad selection of paddle fans that will suit your unique tastes.


Picture Lights offered by Crescent Harbor Lighting can be found illuminating some of the finest artwork in the world. The picture lighting solutions that they offer can fit a variety of budgets. While their Picture Lights can be found in some of the world's finest museums and art galleries, they also illuminate the artwork of local artists and can be found in homes around the world. Their picture lights are available in direct wire, plug in, and battery operated models.


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