Northeast Lantern is renowned for its artisanal light fixtures

Northeast Lantern is renowned for its light fixtures at reasonable prices and it constantly offers new and innovative products to meet the requirements of lights. In the modern world where everything is being manufactured by machines and the art of handmade craft is slowly getting eroded, Northeast Lantern like Hubbardton Forge Lighting still believes in artisanal work where every item is made by hand from start to finish.

Solid copper and brass fixtures for lights of the highest quality are made by the skilled team at Northeast Lantern and the company believes in providing excellent customer service. A lifetime guarantee on their products inspires confidence and is a measure of the trust which they place in their products and the value which they attach to customer satisfaction. The company specializes in custom-made orders and any piece can be modified, replicated, restructured or made from scratch. Five different kinds of finishes with brass lightings and three with copper fixtures are offered and the finishes meld naturally in the material without any flaking, rusting or peeling. The finishes are also applied by hand and no lacquer, paint or powder coat is used on the products.

The wide variety of products ensure that clients can take their pick from colonial to modern styles and whether it is onion lanterns or custom lighting fixtures, the craftsmanship and meticulous to details is impeccable. Northeast Lantern strives to please the most demanding and discerning of customers and its loyal customer base is ample proof of that.

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