Northeast Lantern: The best label for buying rustic lighting fixtures

If you are fond of rustic lighting or have a fetish for period style fixtures, then you must take a look at the inventory stocked by Northeast Lantern. It is a reputed name selling hangings & fixtures which replicate the classic style of lighting. No matter what kind of fixture you want, you can always find it at its store. Be it the sconce or the pendant or a lamp, its products have that timeless appeal which is truly peerless and matchless. Modern fixtures may have the pompous beauty, but these rustic fixtures carry that appeal which is so pristine and heart-rending.


Northeast Lantern is a distinguished company which was established way back in 1987. With over two decades of experience, it has grown from strength to strength, and has gone on to stamp its authority in both national & international markets. None can repudiate the vintage décor which its fixtures conjure up in every corner of your room. This brand has kept in mind the heritage worth of the country. Its products have that much-needed historic value which is appealing enough to throw you down the memory lanes.


A few words must also be said about the excellent craftsmanship employed in each of its fixtures. The designs are awesome and eclectic. There is a hint of elegance in every product, but quality has never been compromised. They are strong and powerful, and last for many years, even decades. The entire assembly of rustic lighting fixtures which the brand boasts of can give you goose bumps of ecstasy. Impressive range, immaculate design and delectable prices have done enough to set the sale of these items soaring.

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