Classic Lighting Considerations for Your Home to Imbue It with a Unique Ambience

As in photography, light also plays an important role in imbuing your home with a unique personality and ambience. Light is what gives character and creates mood. There are a few classic lighting considerations when you think of illuminating your home.


Light quality: this is determined by the choice if illuminating source and the fixture that goes with it. One of the considerations in classic lighting is that the light should be enough for the purpose. Another is directionality. Hard lighting means point source illumination sources such as filament lamps and LED lamps. Hard lighting does provide brilliant illumination and with the use of shades, can create interesting interplay of light and shadows. Use a different classic lighting fixture with glass or fabric diffusers and your living space is bathed in even, warm or cool glow, shadow less and even all over. Mix the two and you have a wonderful mix. One room with a décor can take on different character simply by switching on or off directional light from sconces, light from chandeliers and light from floor lamps.                                                 

LED lamps  




Light temperature: This depends on the light source and the classic lighting fixture. When you choose fluorescent lighting, you can pick tubes with color temperatures ranging from 5500 K, which means cool daylight with a blue-green cast to 3500 K, giving a nice warm golden light. Halogens and filament lamps give off light at 3500 K, warm and appealing to the senses, a reason why they are chosen over fluorescent tubes. Glass or fabric used in fixtures also influence light temperature and thus create the desired atmosphere and mood.


To a lesser extent choice of classic lighting fixtures also determines quality and spread of light as well as how well it integrates with the décor to create harmony and interplay of pools of light and comforting shadows.


However, the decisive classic lighting consideration is to find one single source from where you can take your pickoff different fixtures and styles such as vintage, classic, rustic, traditional, transitional and contemporary. Freedom of choice and right pricing available from a single source helps you get started in classic lighting considerations.

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