Pendant Lighting: a guide for best installation

Pendants are generally thought to be a decorative accessory so you might be wonder if you can have form and function at the same time. These lamps are found hanging by chains and rods, and these lights generally illuminate at a specific room or object. As decorative pendants remains hanging from a chain, they are typically fixed to a ceiling above a table or bar top to provide maximum illumination, but they can work in other areas of your home as well.


Our pendant lighting has a unique grace and they can look as beautiful whether the light is off or on. They are generally simpler than a chandelier but much more detailed than a simple bulb. Available in wide variety of shapes, style, and sizes pendant lighting is a versatile way to create excellent illumination as well as provide an outstanding room décor element. Besides their excellent look these pendant lights can be extremely functional as well. For a successful installation of pending lighting fixtures you generally need to take care of three things: the layout of the room where the light will be installed, junction-box installation, and the hanging arrangement.


The hanging arrangement

Pendant light fixtures are commonly mounted about 25 inches to 30 inches above the area where it will be installed. You can fix two or three pendant lights (or more) at the same bar and it will create wonderful lighting effect. Depending on the fixture, one can use either a chain or rod for installing these lights with the provision of adjustment as and when required.


Different components of a pendent light

A pendant light looks simple but it has multiple components in its lighting assembly. These are the fixture strap, designer canopy for installation and concealing the junction box, nipple, hanger loop, Chain or Rod (which should be at least 6 inches long), socket and a designer shade. Pendant lights are made mostly of glass and metal, although fabric shades are becoming increasingly popular as well.


The decorative aspect of pendant light

The grace of your pendant light is a vital aspect when counting on your lighting requirements. The innumerable styles in pendant light fixtures include: hand-blown glass, reflective stained-glass, crease glass, upturned bowl as well as more customized designs. Your preference hinges on the style of the selected pendant light fixture. You can also coordinate the pendant lights with other fittings such as table lamps, wall sconces, and flush-mount ceiling fixtures.


A wide variety of pendant lighting fixtures is available and all the models in this category can suit every budget. It is significant to plan and purchase your lighting requirement that ensure style as well as practicality. Kitchens, breakfast tables and foyers are ideal spots for installing a pendant lighting fixture, although you can let your imagination run wild and install them virtually anywhere! The brightness and style of the pendant can create a total effect that really enhances the décor of the space.

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